e.bloks IoT Platform

Are you tired to spend so many time with IoT prototypes?

Manage your IoT fleet from anywhere

Our cloud-based solution gives you the freedom to configure, manage and integrate your data with multiple services from anywhere.

Ready to use KPIs and analytics dashboards

Don’t need to waste time creating new dashboards, we already have the most used KPIs across different industries. Just bring your data and get insights.

Easily create your automations from your smartphone

No need to hire a software engineer to connect with more than 700+ online services. Create your own custom recipe to customize your experience.

Change your devices anytime you need

You can quickly create new devices from core blocks and have a completly new device. Because requirements change, all the time.

All-in-one solution to connect physical to digital environments

Data-driven Application and Services

All our devices generate data… a lot. Data is the new gold and with valuable data, your business can drive better decisions, and leverage the AI and ML algorithms to improve your performance and reduce costs.

Cloud-native Scalability and Performance

Ready to scale to thousands or millions of devices thanks to cloud-native application design and Serverless technologies. We also have our infrastructure based on the biggest cloud provider: Amazon Web Services – AWS.

Quick Start Your IoT Projects and Cloud Adoption

Don’t waste time and energy hiring hardware and software engineers, building hardware prototypes, or complex software. Just attach blocks, connect some diagrams using our GUI, and connect with more than 700+ online services with a few clicks.

“I’ve spent a lot of time building IoT prototypes in the past. At some point, I realised that we could build reusable hardware and software components to quickly test and validate my ideas.”

– Cesar Schneider – CTO

Upcoming Schedule



Infrastructure and application architecture design and deployment of accounts API, authetication services and integration with 3rd party IDPs.



Deployment of data ingestion services, device setup configuration, API keys creation for developers and integration with IFTTT.



Core blocks prototyping and housing design, base firmware implementation and testing, integration with cloud services.



Early-bird developers and testers sign-up and onboarding, UI deployment for solution designers and API new services for backend developers.